Out of concern for your satisfaction and to fulfill your expectations, we have created a place for our patients' opinions that you can find below.

Hip replacement/endoproteza biodra

I am pleased to tell you how well I am doing & I am back to normal after the opration. I have no pain & regained the strength in my hip. All in all a brilliant result from the operation.  We both still miss you all. Our best wishes to all the lovely nurses, to Lucas & Thomas & Mr Pawlak and of course. He did a wonderful job.

Janet and John Taylor

Hip replacement

We would like to thank you and the whole team for everything it was a brilliant experience from start to finish.

The staff and hospital were  brilliant, professional , and very  dedicated, it was a great experience , I can not praise them enough.

 I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone thinking of having a hip operation.
        Best wishes to you all.
     James  and Catherine

Knee replacement

Well I have to say that I have tried to find something detrimental about the hospital and its staff, but I can't.  Only to say that there was too much food! 

The staff were exceptional, with how they helped me, put me at me ease, cared for me and Peter. 

Dr Pawlak and his team were outstanding, answered all my questions, were always on hand to help should it be necessary.  I can't give enough praise to them all.  Joanna and Aggi were to be congratulated on their translation.  They chauffeured us around from day out for Peter to shopping trip for me and commuting to and from  the airport.

Should you have anyone who is going to Poland for surgery, I would be more than happy to chat with them to put them at their ease, such as John did for me.

Joy Collins


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Subject: opinion about surgery and treatment

Many thanks to the orthopedists and nursing staff for successful Achilles tendon repair and care afterwards. All of you who suffer from orthopedic problems should visit SANVIMED regardless of costs. Thumbs up!

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Subject: Opinion

Sincere thanks to dr. Wojciech Pawlak and the whole staff for successful operation of my elbow. At last, I can live a normal life and work. I also want to thank the nurses for their care and friendly atmosphere while in hospital (May 2011). Kindest regards Krzysztof and Joanna Płachta.

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Subject: Knee and Spine surgery

Hi there! I was encouraged to visit SANVIMED and I can say that orthopedic services are definitely at a high level. I’m not going to treat my knees and spine anywhere else as only the doctors from SANVIMED have taken my problems seriously so far. I’m 100% satisfied. I began and will continue my treatment in SANVIMED.

Added by: Edward Zychma

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Subject: Opinion

I went for SANVIMED after reading opinions on the Internet. From the very beginning I wanted to be consulted by dr. Wojciech Pawlak. Now, I can say that it was a good choice as he turned out a real professional. In March 2012, I underwent hip replacement. After a few days in hospital and initial rehabilitation, I was able to walk on crutches and then discharged. I’d like to express many thanks to my dear doctor  and the whole staff for the best operation and care I could have imagined. I will recommend this place to everyone!

Ex-patient E. Zychma

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Dr. Bociański has operated on my broken arm. He’s a professional in his field with a great attitude toward patients. His great knowledge and self-assurance encouraged me to consent to the operation. I rejected Sport Clinic and chose SANVIMED in Zabrze. What can I say? Great conditions and staff!! Now I’m having rehabilitation and everything seems to go well. The scar is barely visible. Thank you!

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Subject: surgery

I want to express many thanks to dr. Pawlak for the surgery and wonderful care of my mum. You’ve got a big heart that helps other people. It rarely happens to meet such a doctor. Many thanks to the whole staff too. Dymek

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Subject: hip replacement

I highly recommend this medical center. In May 2010, my grandma underwent hip replacement. Today, she's able to walk on her own, ride a bicycle and doesn't feel pain any more! Thanks.

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Subject: Thanks after the surgery of my broken hand

Let me express my thanks to dr. Pawlak and the whole staff for the successful operation as well as professional care during my stay in hospital. I am 82 years old and I'd been experiencing problems with my broken hand for 15 years. I'd undergone a few surgeries in different medical centers, yet nobody could help me. Recently, I’ve met dr. Pawlak who agreed to perform this complicated operation. I am so pleased and full of admiration for dr. Pawlak’s competence and I’m so grateful for his assistance at all times. I'd like to thank all the nursing staff for friendly atmosphere and professional help. I recommend SANVIMED and its staff. It’s certainly the best, high-quality, modern, comfortable and clean hospital!

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Subject: Many thanks

I want to express my sincere thanks to dr. Manachiewicz and dr. Latkowski for their wonderful and professional care. Competence, professionalism and generosity are the features that certainly describe this medical facility. The rest of the staff can be proud of themselves as well. Many thanks to the nurses who gave me so much warmth during my stay. Kind regards to all! Krystyna Kłosek

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Subject: Thanks

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to the doctors and the rest of the staff for their generous and professional care given to my mum. I found the staff very kind and professional in their approach to the patients and treatment. I wish you ever increasing success – Irena Kłosek Kowalska

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Subject: My impressions after the surgery

Through this website, I would like to thank dr. Janusz Manachiewicz and other doctors for the best care ever during my stay in SANVIMED. I was impressed by his competence, professionalism and humane treatment. Also, professional help and friendly atmosphere provided by the nurses let me forget about all this stress. Taking full responsibility, I can recommend this medical center, especially dr. Manachiewicz who is the right person in the right place. Way to go!

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Subject: Knee arthroscopy

Last year I had knee arthroscopy performed. The surgery was carried out by two great doctors: Marcin Bociański and Jacek Zatorski in Katowice. I very much appreciate it! Thank you:)

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Subject: Praise

Very good specialists, great medical facility - tidy and clean. I honestly recommend this hospital.

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Subject: Arthroscopy

Great hospital! A well-coordinated team of doctors and nurses. Friendly atmosphere before and after surgery, patient in the center of attention. You could find such places only in the West and now there is one in Zabrze. I certainly recommend it!

Added by: Wioletta Grabowska-Kudełko
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Subject: Treatment in SANVIMED

Hi :) I am dr. Pawlak’s patient. I had hip replacement surgery on 25th June 2010. For all the concern and medical care that I was given by dr. Pawlak and other doctors, I can only say THANK YOU! The type of surgery I underwent required lots of effort. Right after the surgery, dr. Pawlak, dr. Bocianski, dr. Latkowski, and also dr. Janusz Manachiewicz came to my room and checked if I was OK. I felt safe among these doctors and nurses. Atmosphere in the hospital is so warm and friendly that it’s worth recommending. With respect for all the staff of SANVIMED – Wioletta Grabowska-Kudełko

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Subject: New hospital

This hospital is worth visiting! I've had hip replacement. At last, I can walk without pain! I was afraid at first, but now I do NOT regret my decision. The conditions are really good! I felt comfy. Not to mention the service (nurses and doctors) who were very helpful:) Thumbs up!!!

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Subject: Opinion on SANVIMED

I had arthroscopy of the knee joint in 2007. The surgery was performed by dr. Pilecki. I was really impressed! Quick diagnosis (I had my own x-ray and other tests), only 2 days of stay, modern double rooms with an en-suite bathroom, full-board, very kind and polite anaesthetist, nurses and, most importantly, professional care of all orthopedists!! All these within the NFZ funds, which means for free! After two years, my knee is still OK!!:) I recommend this hospital ;)

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Subject: Opinion

Sanvimed Hospital can be recommended as a great and clean medical center with qualified staff. I can also recommend dr. Janusz Manachiewicz who is a professional and a good human being. He understands patients’ needs and is not so heartless as some workers of NFZ. Damian.

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Subject: Thanks

I’d like to thank all the doctors, namely dr. Wojciech Pawlak, Jacek Zatorski, Janusz Manachiewicz, Roman Latkowski and the anesthetist - Danuta Kozak-Rejdych for perfectly and professionally performed ACL reconstruction on 11 March 2011. A huge ‘thank you’ to the nurses from the orthopaedic ward who provided me with professional care during my stay from 10 to 14 March 2011. It was a real pleasure for me to be in such a great place. Maciej Gajos